Create the world you want to live in

You may recall, or have noticed since arriving, that this blog began as a place to share not just about my own writing but about equality and equity in popular culture, specifically video games. I’m very passionate about the conscious consumption of culture, and this video perfectly summarizes why it’s so important! Although the belowContinue reading “Create the world you want to live in”

Character Aesthetics: Margot

You’ve already met Thomas, the main character from my current WIP (The Tower Project). I thought I would spend a little time introducing some of my other characters over the next couple weeks. Today, allow me to introduce Margot Powell. Margot’s look was inspired by a picture of St. Vincent (Annie Clark), who I’ve sinceContinue reading “Character Aesthetics: Margot”

Writer’s Toolbox: Writing Sprints

Hello, yes, I am not a fan of exercise. There is, however, one form of sprinting I can get behind. What is a writing sprint? A writing sprint is a timed activity in which you write without distractions. Follow that up with a short break, then sprint again. Repeat for as long as you desire.Continue reading “Writer’s Toolbox: Writing Sprints”