Creative Projects


The Tower Project

Thomas Tower wants to stick it to his ex by becoming San Francisco’s top exorcist. Too bad the local magical authority hasn’t granted a demonology certification in 15 years. When a rival magical organization agrees to train him, Thomas accepts. Someone has to deal with the darkness running amok, and it might as well be him.


Into Strange Stars

Theodore Tyler and Kai Homura seem like opposites. Theo is a military hero trying to stay out of the spotlight, and Kai is the popular son of a political leader. Kai’s family has planned his life to a T, but as feelings develop for Theo, he comes to the crossroads between desire and duty.

Sometimes even changing your stars isn’t enough to escape the past. Into Strange Stars (working title) is a romantic sci-fi duology written with a fabulous co-author!


Short Fiction

There isn’t a lot of good in the wastes…

Summer is so changeable…

Jamie puts her hands on the big round belly before her…

Said the Caterpillar to the Ghost

Said the Caterpillar to the Ghost was published in YegWrites Press anthology, “A Covid Year, Vol 1”

“How long have you been here?” asked the caterpillar, inching across the headstone.

“How long…” The ghost stretched left, then right. Bent down, touched the grass through its toes, stretched its way back to standing and gave a vague shrug. “Five years or ten? Who knows. Maybe fifty?”

The caterpillar paused in its journey across the mossy stone, “That’s a long time.”

“Time,” scoffed the ghost. “Doesn’t mean much once you’re dead.”

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