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Hey, I’m Kait. I kill plants and characters, share my writing tips on this blog, and my short stories on Vocal. I’m currently drafting my novel-length paranormal WIP, The Tower Project, and working with my writing partner on a romantic sci-fi story, Into Strange Stars.

Get your copy of my short story “The Caterpillar to the Ghost” in ebook or print.

My Current Projects

In July 2021, I typed the words “the end” on my first draft of what I’m currently calling “The Tower Project” (I don’t know how a person can write 80,000 words and still feel no closer to choosing a title… hi, it’s me).

I am currently working on draft two of The Tower Project, and have recently begun a new project — this time, with a co-author! Together, we’re writing about angsty space husbands who fall in love in a new galaxy and discover what it means to start over from scratch in a place and with a person. Great things are ahead!

If either project sounds interesting, drop your email address so I can get in touch when they’re ready for the public!

The Tower tarot card held above a grassy field

The Tower Project


All Thomas wants is to stick it to his ex by becoming San Francisco’s top exorcist — a certified demonologist. The trouble is, his local chapter of Witches, Spiritualists, Psychics and Readers (WSPR) hasn’t granted a demonology certification in 15 years. When a rival magical organization agrees to train him, Thomas accepts. Someone has to deal with the darkness running amok, and it might as well be him. If there’s one thing Thomas is used to — it’s dealing with the dark.

Red Arizona rock canyon walls swirl in high columns, invoking an alien planet.

Into Strange Stars


A joint project with a co-author, Into Strange Stars is a romantic sci-fi story centred on the budding relationship between two people who’ve come to a new galaxy as colonists and refugees fleeing the destruction of the sol system. They’ve come looking for a new start, but sometimes changing your stars isn’t all it takes to let go of the past.

From The Blog

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Hello, yes, I am not a fan of exercise. There is, however, one form of sprinting I can get behind. What is a writing sprint? A writing sprint is a timed activity in which you write without distractions. Follow that up with a short break, then sprint again.…

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Yep, I do that. I have extensive experience with writing for the web, print, campaign, digital advertising, social media, and email marketing. If you have a project in mind, and would like to know more, give me a shout.

Who is Kait Anyway?

I believe in telling stories as diverse and colourful as the human experience. As colourful as your cities bustling downtown. As engaging as your favourite film. As memorable as your first kiss (but not as sloppy). If we’re crying, we’re having a great time.

I get excited about film, television, video games, representative media and media critique.

I’m a mom, a communicator, a storyteller, an intersectional feminist, a spotify playlist curator, Netflix binger, and sometimes, even a blogger.

Let’s hang out.